Making time for blogging and Youtube

Making time for blogging and Youtube

Since I was young I’ve always had a blog of some sort. It’s my way to express myself creatively. I used to edit my pictures, banners etc. with Paint Shop Pro 8. Those where the days… 

The start of something new
I want to start blogging again, but the older you get, the busier you are… right?  I’m not saying that I don’t have time to blog anymore, what I’m saying is… I have to make time for blogging! The reason why I want to start blogging again is because, I miss to be able to express myself creativity through blogging. Blogging is my creative outlet.

You know, besides blogging, I’ve always wanted to start a Youtube channel. Another platform where I can express myself creatively. Sadly, making time for Youtube also didn’t go as planned, but in 2017 I want to change all that.

Summer 2016 vlog part 1: Benidorm, Spain 
I already uploaded one video on my channel. I uploaded it on 30 december 2016, because I wanted to post something before the new year. My time management sucks, I know. If you are curious, it’s a short video of my summer in Benidorm, Spain. I only edited the first part. So the rest will follow.

Upload dates?
I don’t have exact upload dates yet, but I will try to upload one blog post per week. Youtube is a whole another story. I want to focus on my blog first, but you can expect part 2 of my summer 2016 vlog this month.

xoxo Kiki

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