I Got A Domain Name!

I Got A Domain Name!

Hi guys, yesterday I said that my goal was to post one article per week, but hey, this is the second post for this week. Aren’t you proud of me? What I really wanted to write about/tell you you guys is… today is the day that The Best of Kiki was born! This afternoon I bought the domain name and I’m so happy! There are so many ideas running through my mind.

I’m still busy with the site template, so you will probably see a lot of changes in my blog. Please bear with me till I find the perfect theme. I love flowers, so you will probably see that a lot too. Here below is a inspiration board that I had to make for a school assignment, but it has really nothing to do with the assignment tho… it just shows my love for flowers.

I love flowers

xoxo Kiki

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